Monday, 21 July 2014

Free! goes all "Bitter Chocolate" with these cute new prize figures from Taito

As a follow-up to their successful Macaroon-themed Free! prize figures, Taito Toys is serving up some “Bitter Chocolate” featuring the abtacular swimmers from one of this summer’s hottest anime, Free! Eternal Summer for their Honpo Kuji lottery games.

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Makoto and Nagisa each get their own cute SD figures which measure in at approximately 10cm in height

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All five Free! swimmers also get their own smaller 7cm SD figures sitting on top of a piece of bitter chocolate.

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The other prizes include a sticker and card set, rubber straps, cleaner cloths and a framed poster.

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These prizes are can be won via Taito’s Honpo Kuji lottery games and each game costs 600 yen. They can be played in 7-Eleven convenience stores, hobby shops and bookstores all over Japan starting August 2014.

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Source: Taito

Free! goes all "Bitter Chocolate" with these cute new prize figures from Taito

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