Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Godzilla statue invades Tokyo Park

The real Godzilla would be a sight to behold as the King of the Monsters has been known to inspire both fear and awe whenever he makes landfall. To celebrate the release of his Hollywood movie, as well as his 60th anniversary, a gigantic statue of the legendary kaiju is currently being erected at Tokyo Park in downtown Tokyo.

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Though it may not be as big as the real one (whose biggest incarnation is over 100 meters in height), the statue still inspires awe among the people who see it.

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A part of its tail can also be seen and judging from this incarnation, Big G is just as intimidating as ever. This statue is only 1/7 scale and yet it is still massive.

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This is all part of the build up for the 2014 Hollywood movie’s Japanese this July 25. This statue will also emit special mist and lighting to simulate Godzilla’s fabled Atomic Breath. It will be on display at Tokyo Park until August 31, 2014.

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Source: Kotaku and animeanime.jp

Godzilla statue invades Tokyo Park

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