Saturday, 21 May 2016

Fairy Tail Creator, Hiro Mashima, asks fans to calm down in the Shipping Wars

When it comes to shipping characters of certain series, fans can be pretty rabid, and that includes Fairy Tail where the shipping wars have gotten cutthroat and pretty ugly.


Things have gotten so ugly in the Fairy tail shipping Wars that series creator, Hiro Mashima himself has stepped in and asked fans to control themselves and tone down the mudslinging against rival ships. In his own official twitter page, the legendary mangaka tweeted:

“I see requests to make certain characters couples like daily on social networks. Even authors who do not use social media have opportunities to read fan mail. But authors cannot fulfill every wish their fans have. We have our own conviction when creating our stories. It thrills us when our fans go crazy about potential couplings. But we authors do not want to see our fans getting at each other’s throats over these matters.

Mashima has spoken fanboys and fangirls, calm down and try to get along!Maybe you might even get the ship you want if Mashima is satisfied with your behavior. So whether you ship Natsu x Lucy or Natsu x Lisanna, or Grey x Juvia or Leon x Juvia, things should certainly calm down a bit now that the almighty creator himself has stepped in… right?!

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Source: Crunchyroll

Fairy Tail Creator, Hiro Mashima, asks fans to calm down in the Shipping Wars

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