Friday, 27 May 2016

[VIDEO] American Teenagers are asked if they know 90"s anime

The 90’s is when Japanese animation was considered to be at its peak, however, as time went by, most of the classics from this period have been forgotten, most particularly by the younger generation. The React YouTube channel has gathered a few teenagers, and asked them if they knew about Japanese anime from the 90’s…

Starting off with Sailor Moon, an anime that is really popular in America, which majority of the teens identified correctly, though a few admitted they haven’t heard of it. It is then followed by Neon Genesis Evangelion, which only one girl knew of, and only three have heard of. And of course, there’s Dragon Ball, which EVERYONE knew of, which is really a testament to Akira Toriyama’s timeless manga. Cowboy Bebop was the next on the list, with only three teens knowing of it, but seven actually heard of it. It is then followed by Trigun, and again, that one girl, Becca, managed to guess it correctly, though surprisingly, she didn’t instantly guess the next anime, Gundam Wing, which most of the boys definitely guessed correctly. And then there’s Pokemon…

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So here is their final score, which is not that bad, really…


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[VIDEO] American Teenagers are asked if they know 90"s anime

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