Tuesday, 31 May 2016

[MEME] English textbook waifu, Ellen Baker, gets her own (unofficial) dakimakura

Looks like the plea of Ellen Baker’s original character designer has fallen on deaf ears, as the immensely popular English teacher from the New Horizon English textbooks now has her own dakimakura, or an body pillow, however, it’s an unofficial or unauthorized one.


This unauthorized dakimakura is now available via  Yahoo! Japan‘s shopping website for 5,088 yen, and being sold by Pepera Shouji, a brand known for selling unauthorized anime merchandise, which also include dakimakuras.

Previously, Ellen Baker’s character designer, Denchubo, asked fans to restrain themselves when it comes to her fanart as having too much ecchi images of her could upset teachers and parents and leading her to be replaced as the textbook’s English teacher character. However, as this dakimakura shows, fans aren’t really listening… or are only in it for money, but who knows?

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Source: ANN

[MEME] English textbook waifu, Ellen Baker, gets her own (unofficial) dakimakura

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