Thursday, 5 May 2016

Talking oppai mouse pads?! These ones talk back when you fondle their chests

Oppai mouse pads, also known as 3D mouse pads, are a unique part of Japan’s anime sub-culture, and there is a new line of these oppai mouse pads, which are called “Voppai,” which takes the concept even further, as they would actually talk back to you as you fondle their chests!

They actually respond depending on the location and strength with which the mouse pad’s breast-shaped wrist rest is massaged.

There are two characters who will be receiving the new vocal oppai mouse pad treatment, and both of them are original characters. The first one, the one featured in the video above, is named Shizuku, and she is voiced Mao Tachibana. Her lines translate to:

“When you rub them gently, I get shivers.”

“Are you kind enough to like my boobs?”

“I…want to squeeze something between them, right here.”


The second character is named Mari, and she is voiced by Minami Imaya. Apparently, Mari is a waitress from “Pooters,” a play on the American restaurant chain, Hooters, which is best known for their scantily-clad waitresses.


They are not yet available commercially, as they were just introduced during the Character1 character content and merchandising expo at the Tokyo Big Sight last weekend.

Well, at least they are not as big and heavy as those life-size Dead or Alive mouse pads

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Source: Rocket News 24

Talking oppai mouse pads?! These ones talk back when you fondle their chests

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